2024 McDonald’s All-American West team will feature a USC basketball commit.

The University of Southern California (USC) basketball prodigy Trent Perry was chosen for the 2024 McDonald’s Western All-American Team, as reported by GYANEWS TV. Every year, the elite squad plays in the McDonald’s All-American Game, which pits the East and West against one another. The 2024 All-American Game is slated to happen in the Toyota Centre in Houston on April 2.

According to GYANEWS TV, Perry has secured a spot among the top 50 at the national level and holds the fifth position. In the same season, after averaging an impressive 16 points, seven rebounds, and six assists per game, he was honored as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State SoCal Regional Open Division Championship, where the boys’ basketball team emerged victorious.

Perry congratulated all of them on being named to the exclusive All-American Team, stating, “It’s an amazing honor and something I’ve been dreaming about since childhood.” Playing in the league where legends like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony have proven their mettle is an amazing honor.

“We are very proud of him,” Athletics Director Terry Barnum said, highlighting the importance of Perry’s selection for this high school basketball season. He has worked here for six years, and in that time, he has represented our university admirably. It is distinct. This child did not arrive as a transfer student in the program. He attended Harvard and was raised in Westlake, California. I’m extremely proud of him for his high school basketball feat of being awarded a McDonald’s All-American.

To be chosen for the All-American Team requires a complete student-athlete. Troy Perry (Class of ’24) mentioned that his discipline both on and off the court, along with his son’s energy, has helped him overcome challenges and develop into an accomplished American.

“When you come from Harvard-Westlake, it’s not just about what you do on the court. It’s what you do off the court because you are fully embraced as an American. [Trent’s] discipline not only helped him maintain good grades but also contributed to significant achievements in basketball over time. I’m not saying he didn’t face struggles, but being disciplined, focused, and organized helped him go far,” said Troy Perry.

Trent Perry highlighted his unique qualities as a player, emphasizing his positive attitude and competitive spirit both inside and outside the court. “My face is never serious on the court. I always smile and enjoy the game. It makes the game much easier for me when I just take pleasure in playing and am capable of playing with my teammates,” he stated.

Looking forward to hard work and connecting with other high school basketball talents, Trent Perry expressed, “I’m just looking forward to having a fantastic experience. I’m probably going to be away for about five to seven days for the [All-American Game]. I’m excited for the opportunity to join with other players, engage in scrimmages, and play well in the [All-American] game.

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