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As she answered a plethora of comments challenging her new relationship with Benny, Selena admitted that at one point he seemed to be shading her and claimed he’s “still better than anyone” she’s ever dated.

Selena Gomez has declared her relationship with Benny Blanco, a music producer, official.

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Selena, 31, left a comment on an Instagram post shared by @popfactions account on Thursday, discussing her new relationship status.

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The article stated, “Selena Gomez seemingly confirms that’s she is in a relationship.” While Selena merely wrote, “Facts,” she later reacted to another post, this time providing a wealth of additional information about her new relationship with 35-year-old Benny.

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After years without being in a public relationship, Selena wrote, “He is my absolute everything in my heart.” She actually just released the song “Single Soon” a few months ago, and she characterised it as her way of saying “it’s totally OK being on your own, and it’s fun.”

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Since Benny is close friends with Selena’s well-known ex Justin Bieber, some of her fans were disappointed when she announced her new relationship in public. After all, Benny was once accused of making fun of Selena during an interview.

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In 2020, Benny gave Justin a memorable complement in an interview with Zach Sang. However, he mentioned “cookie-cutter pop artists” in the process. Many believed that Selena, with whom Benny had worked on the hit song “I Can’t Get Enough” the previous year, was the target of this jab.

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Justin is not one of those generic pop musicians. Benny remarked, ‘You know, they’re like, ‘This is my new single, and here’s my makeup line,’ but Justin’s like, ‘Yo, I have anxiety and a pimple.” Selena had just started her makeup line, Rare Beauty, at the time.

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In light of this, a lot of Selena’s admirers were let down when they witnessed the singer publicly gushing about Benny in addition to merely confirming their relationship.

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Many remarks soon followed Selena, asking why she was seeing Benny. She didn’t let the criticism get to her, though, and answered a number of worried fans who called her “corny” and “mad” for her recent romance.

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Many remarks soon followed Selena, asking why she was seeing Benny. She didn’t let the criticism get to her, though, and answered a number of worried fans who called her “corny” and “mad” for her recent romance.

@selenagomezbr2.0 / Via

@selenagomezbr2.0 / Via

Selena doubled down on this in another comment, stating that Benny “has treated me better than any human being on this planet.”

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“She went on to call him “the best thing that’s ever happened to me” and promised her followers that she would “never allow” their criticism to “guide” her decisions going forward.

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“If you truly have feelings for me. I am happiest right now. Feel free to say anything you want to if you don’t. However, I refuse to let your advice dictate how I live. At all. I’m through. Don’t be in [my] life at all if you can’t accept me when I’m at my happiest, the woman wrote.

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Selena later replied to heavy speculation that she was “trolling” fans by publicly speaking so highly of Benny.

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“Never trolling. I’m leaving Insta for a while until I have work again. I just stand up for what I believe in I have no shame in doing that. I love my fans more than anything in the world,” she wrote under another fan account’s post.

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Furthermore, Selena revealed that she and Benny had been dating for six months, which means that they were discreetly dating even though in August she was boasting to the public about her single status. The two were interestingly pictured together at Selena’s 31st birthday celebration in July, where she famously posed with her hand around his waist.

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She also retaliated against someone who said that her relationship with Benny was “embarrassing” and that she was “fighting” her fans over it.

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Selena continued by posting a few images to her Instagram stories, which, if nothing else, demonstrated how devoted she is to Benny.

Instagram: @selenagomez

Selena appears to be cuddling up to Benny in one of the selfies, even though his entire face isn’t visible.

@selenagomez / Via Instagram: @

She later shared a photograph of her hand with a “B” ring on. Benny has yet to publicly comment on the romance, but we’ll be sure to let you know if and when he does!

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