The Golden Bachelor

“The Golden Bachelor”: Gerry Turner offers a proposal to [SPOILER] following the runner-up’s accusation that he had lied to her

“The emotional conclusion of the first season of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ left viewers touched. As Thursday came to an end, Gary Turner reunited Theresa Nist and Leslie Fima with their families.

Both meetings went well, but since it was Theresa’s first visit, connecting with Leslie with enthusiasm proved a bit challenging for Gary’s family. And soon, it seemed Gary felt the same way too. After spending time with Leslie, Gary, and their families, they had a final date night together, and she could sense a breakup coming. He asked her what was going on, but initially, there was no response.

Exiting his room and collecting his thoughts, he decided it was time to end their relationship. ‘I’ve fallen in love with Theresa, and I’m going in that direction,’ he told her upon returning to his room. Leslie, visibly surprised, burst into tears.

She said, ‘What you told me that night was completely untrue, Gary.’ She insisted that things had changed and developed. As she poured out her emotions, blaming herself, he reassured her that there was no fault, and he could now comprehend the pain he had caused.

Crying, she confessed that her life had been going on like this. When he suggested not dwelling on it, she replied, ‘No crime, I can think whatever I want right now. Once again, my heart is broken, but now I have to face it in front of the whole world… You made me feel like you chose me. You said things to me that made me believe this was going to happen. You took me down a path and then took a turn and left me there, and that’s exactly how I feel.’

Acknowledging that it was ‘mind-boggling’ for her, considering they were expressing love and meeting her family just 12 hours earlier, she was grateful for one thing—that he had ended their physical relationship in his hotel room.

She said, ‘The only good thing is that now I won’t have to come on that stage wearing a $60,000 dress and diamond earrings and be completely embarrassed… For that, I thank you.’

After leaving the room, Gary also broke down in tears, telling Jessie Palmer that he only felt more pain when he lost his wife. He expressed self-hatred for breaking his own heart.

He said, ‘The show had to go on—and the next day, it was time to propose to Theresa.

First, he said to her, ‘I realized you’re not the right person for me to live with.’ She looked disappointed, and after a (very long!) pause, she said, ‘You’re the person without whom I can’t live.’

After hugs and kisses, he knelt down. He said, ‘I will never stop believing that every day, I choose you.’ Apart from the diamond ring, he gave her his last rose—a golden rose.

It will not wither or wilt. He gave us his word that nothing would ever change. “This represents the love we have for one another.”

Please note that the rephrased sentences aim to convey the original meaning in a unique manner.

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