Impeachment Inquiry Against Joe Biden: Latest Developments and Possible Outcomes

An impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden has been initiated by the United States House of Representatives. The House voted to formally open the inquiry on December 13, 2023, following the announcement made by Kevin McCarthy, the then-Speaker of the House, on September 12, 2023.


The House committees on Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means carried out the investigation. Following President Biden’s accusations of misconduct, including power abuse, obstruction of justice, and constitutional infractions, the impeachment process was started. Witnesses were called to testify before the committees throughout a series of hearings and investigations that carried out the probe.

Democrats’ and Republicans’ strong stances on the impeachment investigation of President Biden have made it a very divisive topic. Democrats have mainly backed the President, arguing that the charges against him are politically motivated and baseless, while Republicans have called for the President’s removal from office owing to the seriousness of the claims and the necessity for accountability. The conclusion of the investigation is still unknown, and President Biden’s tenure as president is still in peril because he could be impeached and removed from office.

The Start of the Investigation 

In 2023, the US House of Representatives, which is governed by Republicans, began the process of impeachment against President Joe Biden. The investigation was founded on claims that Biden exchanged money with his son Hunter Biden and participated in corrupt practices, such as influence peddling.

Charges Made Against Joe Biden

The allegations against Joe Biden centered around his son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. Republicans claimed that Hunter Biden’s business activities influenced Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions while he was Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama. They also alleged that Hunter Biden received payments from foreign entities in exchange for access to his father.

Official Announcements

The inquiry was formally announced by Speaker Kevin McCarthy on September 12, 2023, with the backing of the Republican Party. McCarthy stated that the inquiry was necessary to investigate Biden’s alleged wrongdoing and to hold him accountable for his actions.

Key Figures Involved

The investigation into Joe Biden’s impeachment involved a number of significant individuals. These include the Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, the speaker who announced the investigation, and others. Conversely, the primary focus of the investigation was President Biden and the Democratic Party. The collection of information for the investigation and the presentation of the results to the House of Representatives were greatly aided by members of the House Judiciary Committee.

The Effect and Responses

Public Opinion

The impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden has divided public opinion. According to a recent poll by CNN, 45% of Americans support the inquiry, while 42% are against it. The remaining 13% are undecided. According to the study, Democrats are mostly opposed to the investigation, while the majority of Republicans are in favor of it.

Political Ramifications

There have been major political repercussions from the impeachment investigation. Republicans are slamming President Biden and his staff using the investigation as a launchpad. However, other Democrats worry that the probe would take focus away from more pressing issues, such as the state of the economy and the healthcare system.

International Response

The international response to the impeachment inquiry has been mixed.Certain nations, including China and Russia, have taken advantage of the investigation to attack the US government and political structure. A number of countries, including the UK and Canada, have expressed concern about the investigation’s possible impact on the stability of the US government and its international relations.

All things considered, there has been a noticeable influence from the impeachment probe of President Biden. Its impact on public opinion, politics, and international affairs will be felt for some time to come.

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